The Winged Lion is simply a place that supplies the elements to help inspire, guide, and create the look you desire and much more.



  We are a society of change. Yet centuries have taught us that everything will rise from the ashes of time. Choices on quality in any aspect of design from traditional, classic, modern, and contemporary to old Euopean elegance will always stand the test of time.


Simple. The changes made to breathe new life into any room or home as a whole are just that.  As simple as rearanging what you have, or adding a new piece. A change in color, season, or pattern in pillows or rugs can have revitalizing effects on the space and you.



We all want to feel connected to the spaces we create. Take into account what is important to you.  What makes a room cozy, comfortable, relaxing and welcoming?  It's important that our guests feel that connection as well.  Thats when we know we have created a true sanctuary we call home.

Casafina and Vietri


authentic: Casafina is best known for their Casa Stone collection that is crafted in Portugal and Italy. They also craft other pieces such as glassware from Romania. Their goal is to create beautiful and charming ceramics. 

handcrafted: Vietri is made from the soil of the Italian countryside by artisans who know and love their craft. It celebrates all that is irresistably Italian: a love of life, people, nature, and good living. 



A modern take on old world classics.


 Market visits always bring new visions and direction when it come to decor and art. Finding new collections lets us keep things changing when introduced each season. 



Custom order table linens, and not your typical bed-in-a-bag


Personalize your space with beautiful textiles. Remember your bedroom can be cozy, comfortable, and stylish!  With Pine Cone Hill anything is  possible. Dress up your dinning area with a great selection of table linens in different styles, and price ranges. 


Environmentally conscience aromas for the Body and Home


Choose from various collections with many different fragrances, including candles, lotions, soaps, and more. 


Because entertaining always involves food.


Artistically crafted spices, flavored salts, honeys, naturally forged bitters and simple syrups for your bar, and oils.



An ever-changing array of giftables in various price ranges. And yes, we even have cards.


Perfect for the little ones in your life. 


Soft animals and matching books are just the beginning of a growing selection of items.