Established in 2014: a 30 year dream in the making.


The inspiration came to me during a visit to New York City while on a study trip for my college department in 1987.  Everything about this retail store had me in awe from the moment I walked in.  My first impression was: Clean, Bright, Modern, Colorful, Intriging and Unique. Everything from customer service, store displays, layout, and the company's concept on merchandising was impressive. But to be honest, what inspired me most was the presentation they made in wrapping what I had purchased. So much so, that I saved the whole package, and it sits in my office as a reminder to the beauty and uniqueness of a store's branding.  Everything has purpose within a space, and i believe a brand has to leave a mark on the soul of anyone who walks through its door. This is truly just the beginning of a journey and vision that started so long ago in the Big Apple.

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Ralph Diaz


You ask where does the creativness come from? A graduate of Kansas State Univeristy with a degree in Clothing & Textiles|Design. A hairdresser and a member of the professional beauty industry for 37 years, and the recent past founder | owner of a salon for 14 years. I have personally had a love for art and design my whole life. If it was a creative outlet, I've had my hands in it at some point. I'm your typical creative mind that never stops learning and is always reinventing the wheel.


The Store is going through a small re-model and will be CLOSED from August 19 - August 23rd . Thank you, and we apoligize for the inconvience. Please stay tuned for updates on progress. Annoucements will be on Facebook as well.

300 Poyntz Ave
Manhattan, KS, 66502
United States

Store Hours:

Monday-Friday | 10am - 6pm

Saturday | 10am - 5pm


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